Cheeky Boyshorts Panty

Cheeky Boyshorts Panty/
/For sixth sixth or not? (: O wellz, boys prefer to do …?

Ok, first of all you ever sent a sixth? and if it does is send photos of you breasts or whole body, do you wear a bra or just naked? Guys would rather have a photo of our girls face and tits with a bra or all of its body in bra and panties? o Do you like the cheeky boyshorts strips best in girls? o and fyi im in a serious relationship and I have been for nine months! and all we have done is made it lol I'm not trying to get a man. This is something I want to do for him, not because I was pushing! (:

Do not! Even if he agrees not to show anyone else will. Once you send it back ever. It will be there forever. Your body is something special do not share that way.

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