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When you are planning a piece of jewelry is a lot of fun to choose the right accounts and work out how you're going to put them all together so that the final result. But there is another element to consider – how will you end your piece?

The fragments that are used to destroy pieces of jewelry commonly known as the results. This general term covers all types of fasteners, connectors and dividers that can be used to give your jewelry the finishing touch. There is a huge variety of results available, so only cover the main types are fairly common in stores.

Results are generally available in gold or silver colors, sometimes as pure metals, at times, like gold or silver plated. If you are making earrings, is a good idea to use either sterling silver Earwires and gold. Also, if you choose a magnetic closure, remember that this may cause problems for anyone with a pacemaker.


Unless that you are using some type of bungee cord or piece carrying out a very long, will close on and off the bracelets and necklaces. There are plenty of fasteners available, including:

– Trigger

– Screw

– Hook and Eye

– Magnetic

– T-bar

Shop around until you find one you like. These are just generic categories, and the range available in each category can be very varied and interesting.

Spacer Bars and End

These are used for multistrand necklaces or bracelets. The space bar helps keep the wires separated in the center of the piece, and the bar tip is used to finish off the ends of rows. You can buy bras that are specifically designed for jewelry Multirow. If you not want to keep the strands are separated at the end of the row, it can happen to everyone in a cap or cone break the chains.


Depending on the design of their slopes, you may need earrings Earwires or needle, or a screw or clip results perforated ear from ear. You can also buy ear posts and a roll of play or a butterfly and use them to store earrings in pierced ears. To eyepins or Headpins earrings will support the bills, and you can also buy chandelier earrings findings for more complicated designs.


Linkers can be used for a couple of different purposes, including starting the implementation fasteners or wire strands, and also to help keep accounts in place in the design. You buy linkers for use with metal wire and tiger's tail, and you can buy leather clasps or spring to use for leather and cotton. You can use metal crimps or wire bands, but it should be very careful that when the squash court is not crimp the wire.


Jump rings and split rings can be used as links, and join with other elements, such as fasteners, one piece of jewelry. Jump rings are a single ring of metal, and the separation rings are a double circle provide additional strength and security.

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If you want to read more about beading, click over to Felicity’s site at http://www.beading-is-fun.info To read Felicity’s Ultimate Bead Lover’s Guide, go to http://www.ultimatebeadloversguide.com

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