Green Quartz

Green Quartz/

January 31, 2010

The release of light itself,
He stands as the planets in turn
transparent and nearly
PIN light wheels …

Got Love slips,
while the mystery spills
new arena of heaven
Sphinx in a renovated …

Majesties and blue surrounded by mirrors
dolphins life drinking rose quartz crystal
bathing …

Fairy dresses singing flutes,
delivery of the forgotten songs,
and the forgotten
the heart of God chambers open …

Sweetness and establish prayer givers
the rest of their shovels, rakes, sunglasses reading
hymnals and parchment,
green lakes resonance absorption
day worked his sighs,
green lakes brewing herbal,
lamp and elderberries touch
each other, offering a promise
A breakfast of most of the gifts …

Step by step forward,
away from the bed,
on the edge of life,
without the ink of death,
with a shawl
point by the winds of change
and recalling a lover located
within a point of painting
yet discovered on a canvas
well below the catacombs of
covered in a monastery without digging
lava flow …

reading a book with pages of quartz;
surrounding it are trucks
strawberries, cane sugar and cocoa
roses, daffodils, sunflowers, buttercups,
Sequoia seedlings of black and lotus flowers in flames,

Reading lamp illuminated by oil
of lavender and pine,
sage and chicken feathers together
and latent

There is an ebb and flow circle,
being developed as a bath for him
within the circumference of a great oak tree, the
United Nations Spiral out,
like staying in a inn
he, she, her …

Demantoid sandals
Spinel feet
Moonstone toes,
Toenails Glass Beach
Ankles, Kunzite,
Morganite Calves,
Kneeling, Iolite,
Agatha's thighs
Diamond sex
Hair sex Amethyst,
Butt Citrine,
Belt, Jasper,
Navel Black Hole
Torso Turquoise
The Bloodstone chest hair,
-Rosa spineless body hair vine
The emerald throat,
Hematite shoulders
Weapons Aquamarine,
The dolls of meteorites,
Elbows rose quartz,
Hands sapphire
Quartz fingers,
Jade Nails,
Quicksilver back
Chin tiger's eye,
Ruby lips,
Nose Topaz
Seashell ears
Opal's eyes,
Tourmaline eyelashes
Blush Garnet
Lapis Lazuli cheeks,
Pearly white teeth,
Twin flaming tongue
The coral red hair and amber
Mother of Pearl face,
Black Mind Space,
Skeleton of titanium,
God organs of meat,
Star-infused woven veins
The space-time of sperm
Messier fingerprint
God's love and be loved …

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