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/metal with a key symbol …..?

I was fixing my toilet one day and behind a jewelry box I found a small number metal in a sealed plastic bag, which is more for decorative use, and would never be able to open a door and has a ring on the top to go over a necklace. I had never seen this key in my life and to date have no idea how it got there. This key is very small (4.5 cm) long and has many different symbols on it. in the center are 4 symbols that look like the 4 elements (water, earth, air, fire) and symbols round the side and through the middle, where the sets would normally. I am appalled by this as I do not know what the symbols mean or more importantly where it comes first. If anyone knows so this could be symbols of the keys or what it is please tell me, or even if you have a theory. thanks. haha i dont think its one of those metal TBH its very cheap, but its still a mystery where it came from.

I think we definitely need to upload a photo or a link to a picture of it before anyone can say what it is

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